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Here at Vantage Atelier, we believe that luxury fashion can, and should, be sustainable. We  pride ourselves on our efforts to creating a sustainable brand:

Packaging: We do not use any plastic to package items. Our main material of packaging is cardboard which is 100% recyclable. As our customers know, as a luxury brand we wrap all of the garments in tissue paper to reduce creasing and imprints. We use tissue paper made from already recycled paper, as it is actually unrecyclable itself. Having said that, it is 100% compostable. 


Production:  The Tweed used by Vantage Atelier is milled in either Scotland or Yorkshire, from wool produced locally. The lining is produced in an English Factory, then our garments are handmade in our own workshop in North Yorkshire. The local sourcing of materials reduces transportation distances which minimises pollution involved with our garments. 


Practicality: The high quality of Vantage Atelier increases the longevity of our garments. This means the energy used to make them goes further than that of ‘disposable fashion’, which is rife on today’s fashion market. VA designs are timeless, and perfect all-season round, and if cared for correctly you can treasure for a lifetime.


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